Friday, April 10, 2009

I am "that" Mom

You know... the one that says forever that she won't do or say what her own mother did or said. It must be genetic. I mean really.. It has to be in my genes. How else can you explain the phenomena ?? You start out parenthood saying you would never say that or do that and yet.. it inevitably happens.. the words come spewing from you mouth almost as though you are possessed by some demon.

"You keep crying/screaming and I'll give you something to cry/scream about" - That is one of my favorites.

"If you keep it up I'll pull this car over" .. said that and pulled the car over for effect just this

"If you don't start behaving the Easter Bunny won't come" .. yeah that's an empty threat and I am almost positive they know that..

"are ya deaf?? "

You get the drift..

then I get.. "You're the meanest Mom ever" to which I respond "well maybe you can go find another Mom who won't love you as much. But you go right ahead.. "

I've even gone so far as packing a bag for the eldest on a particularly bad/mouthy day.

lordy.. it's a vicious circle.. but as much as I talk, I would never sell my child to the guy walking down the street or make them leave home at the age of 5. I love having them near me way too much despite the bad days.

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Christy said...

OMG, me too! You have inspired a blog post!