Monday, April 27, 2009

Slowly but Surely

I am purging baby clothes and gear. Luckily I know of a few new babies and a new girl on the way courtesy of my cousin. :) I always prefer to give what I have to family that needs it because I hate to just get rid of it. Not that Purple Heart is a bad option. They get everything else.

I am enjoying packing stuff up and getting it out of my house rather than storing it somewhere in a Rubbermaid bin in a basement closet or garage. And all that gear like the bouncer, swing etc. has already gone to Day Care for the baby room. I have a few things that are still in great shape that my sister wants so once I give up the exersaucer it will head to her house.

Now all I have to *store* is Chloe's clothes. Most of which will never be worn by Alexa simply because the season/ sizes aren't lining up so great. But the random onesie shirts and sweat pants and stretchies will be great :)

I was sitting in my living room the other night and I said to my dear husband that it will be nice when the majority of the toys are in the basement and I can put a nice reading chair in that corner by the window. Seems to be a couple years off but hey .. a woman can dream. :)

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