Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A cuddly companion? I think not.

Before vacation while shopping at Petco for yet another snail to clean Dip & Dots' (frogs courtesy of the OC boardwalk) cube aquarium Jim and the Boy came across sharks. Small freshwater sharks. So Jim tells him that after vacation we can pull out the aquarium we have from our last foray with aquatic pets and set it up for the sharks.

This past Sunday we head to Petco to get the sharks. We have to pass the furry little rodent pets on the way to the back. So we stop and I check out all the ferrets and hamsters and bunnies and rats.. and I come to the Guinea pigs. Oh how I want A GP. A super cute little furry guy that I can cuddle and squeeze and not have to walk in the rain. Oh how I love the twitchy little face. So I think I finally have Jim caving. I want to wait a bit and keep going over things in my head so I'm sure .. really sure. But I am getting excited at just the thought of that little rascal running through the house in an exercise ball..

Back to the sharks.

Found them and another AGGRESSIVE fish to put in there, that is slightly cute and won't get eaten by the sharks, for Chloe to call her very own. Spoke with the Petco person and found out we need to set up the tank for at least 48 hours running the filter before we could drop those bad boys in there. So we browse the fancy tanks and stands and rocks etc. If we don't manage to kill these off too soon we may just invest the $$ and put a large tank with a stand in the corner where the Littlest Midget has her high chair currently. That's going as soon as I can get to my Dad's and get our extra chair. :)

So tonite is pick up the sharks night. Send me some willpower so I can refrain from snatching up the black and white GP I saw on Sunday that I want to name Flower.


Christy said...

Just think about having to clean up after yet another adorable but messy little creature. That would do it for me! When Flo goes to that great litter box in the sky, we're going to stay pet-free. I've got my hands full with the kids and I don't need more guilt that someone is being neglected than I already have.

Bethann said...

I know... that will be the clincher.. the size of the cage and the cleanup.. hell.. he'd be MY pet since I'm the one who wants him and will be the cleaner upper.. need to think some more.. LOL..