Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Double Standard

OK.. I need to get this off my chest.
The Eagles signed Michael Vick. Everyone that could care less is hooting and hollering that he did his time and he should get a second chance etc. How about I toss a few tid-bits their way. Michael Vick was making $$$ hand over fist with his little operation and only regrets it because he was caught. Statistics show that most of the more obscene and heinous criminals started out abusing animals.

So I pose this question. If it's true that he did his time and should have a second chance why not all criminals. For example. That Sexual predator that likes to video tape himself sexually assaulting young children. Why not give him a second chance .. hell why not let him get a job at YOUR child's school ? I mean as far as you're concerned everyone deserves a second chance and he was sorry (he got caught) so why not let the predator have the job as a janitor at a day care center?? or to coach your kid's football team?

No you say ?? Well why the hell not?!?! I mean everyone deserves a second chance right??

Screw second chances. Lock their asses up if they hurt or murder people and animals.. or better yet.. zap their asses and toss them into a landfill. That's what they do to most of their prey.

I have no patience for all of you that find football and winning more important than a human or animal's life. Shame on you.

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