Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sharks... um.. no.

We picked up our sharks and 2 fish for Chloe. All 4 are semi-aggressive and their names sound vicious. That's about the only scary things about them. The Bala Sharks are technically NOT sharks.. they are large minnows that have fins like sharks, thus the name. And the Tiger Barb are called that because they are striped in orange and black like tigers.

I wish the Man and the Boy did a little research before picking. Everything I'm reading says that the bala sharks need at least a 55 gallon tank.. yeah .. our 5 gallon might not cut it.

I'll be one of those poor souls that has a reptile too large to keep that lets it loose into the sewer system and it terrorizes the neighborhood til animal control comes and captures the thing. Just great..

The hamster (I've downgraded my wishlist from the guinea pig) is looking better and better.

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