Friday, August 7, 2009

Loyalty be damned

Backstory.. with the flooding downpours last weekend our Daycare was under water. It took all week to get back up and running.

In the interim the kids spent their days in another branch of the DC. A bigger.. much nicer branch. All 3 kids LOVE it. So much so I'm considering moving them (the girls) to the bigger center after Aedan starts Kindergarten. I wonder if they would be as happy without their transplanted friends with them? And in addition to their happiness I feel very disloyal (is that a word?) to the teachers at our current center. They love my kids and they really are easygoing when it comes to certain rules.. but still the size and the perks at our temp center are to die for... bigger and better outside playground, larger classrooms... Chic-fil-a on Fridays . yum.

So many decisions. I suppose I can wait and see how things are when we get back on Monday.

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