Friday, August 28, 2009

An Ending and a Beginning

Today is Aedan's official last day at preschool. He'll go back on occasion but today he is a preschooler and the next time he shows up he's considered a *camper*. It is so bittersweet. Come Monday he'll be what we refer to as a *Big Kid* . I get butterflies in my stomach when I think of his 1st day of Kindergarten. I think about the nervousness he'll have walking into his classroom for the 1st time without me. I can tell he's nervous. He has this unsure look in his eyes when you mention it and then he gets that look like he's on the verge of tears. I know that look well and I hate it. I have been doing my best to talk it up and make sure he knows its supposed to be a fun time. From the bus ride to the playground right outside. His classroom is seriously cool. His teacher loves being a K teacher and has been for 18 years, 11 at this particular school. She is currently in the middle of earning her masters degree. She has a such a wonderful attitude and I am glad Aedan got her for his 1st teacher. The first week is only 4 days long as is the 2nd week due to the Labor Day holiday. We have pictures, market day, and an Ice Cream social in those 2 weeks. And We also have the pond installation to look forward to in the outdoor classroom. Here are the plans. outdoor classroom plan

Everything is so exciting and new and confusing at the same time. The confusing part is mine. All mine. Between all the forms I filled out for registration, the ones we got the other night to fill out and the ones I will get Monday night to fill out I am about knee deep in paper. And they are going green so that's not even 1/2 the paperwork we'd normally have.

I'm just hoping that we can all settle into the new routine quickly and without too much drama.. but knowing my family, there will be plenty of drama. So here's to the end of preschool and an exciting new beginning to big kid school.

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