Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paging Dr. Rizzi

Alexa's tube Surgery went off without a hitch. Well except the part where they told us to be in Philly at 6:15 am. And the she wasn't rolled back to the ER til 9 am. She made out fine and was only gone for about 15 minutes.. Dr. Rizzi called me on the waiting room phone to tell me how she did. And 2 minutes later we joined her in recovery.

The funny part, that I actually felt a little bad about laughing about in retrospect, was how she was after they gave her the *giggle juice*. In lay terms.. a sedative to keep her from freaking out when they took her away from us. Ten minutes after they gave it to her she was happy as can be. She was overly friendly to the anesthesiologist which is not her at all.. she follows the Stranger Danger Rule to the nth degree. She was laughing and rolling around on the gurney like a drunk and high little midget. I so wish I had a video camera so I could have taped it to view when she was 21.

Hopefully this will be the end of the torturous ear infections and subsequent seizure. Let's all hope so.

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