Friday, May 1, 2009

Movin' on up

No not all of us.. and not to the East side. LOL.. Wexa Wexa is making the transition to the Step Up class at daycare. This means no more Baby/Infant room. I LOVE the baby room. Almost like there is this invisible bubble around it protecting the littlest of people. There is a gate keeping all the germ ridden toddlers and preschoolers out. Yes that includes my own 2 larger offspring. They need to make room for the new babies coming and since Alexa is like a giant gorilla compared to these little cherubs she's gettin' the boot. I'm OK with it mostly because the teacher she will have she is VERY familiar with so it won't be a shock to see her Monday morning. I am a tad concerned that she won't nap because she won't be in a crib but on a "napper" sleeping bag thing with a pillow.. this may take some getting used to. But I am going to circulate in a woobie for her to sleep with there so she can sniff it like glue to calm her nerves in her new digs.

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