Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Whole New World

It's a big world out there. And the Boy is running full speed ahead. Aedan started kindergarten yesterday. He woke up happy and didn't need to be prodded into anything to get ready. He was all smiles. Once we got to the day care where he will spend his mornings we went through the routine and he went his merry way with the kids. I could tell he was nervous but he didn't cling or anything. We left him there and went home. Where I bawled my eyes out. It probably would have been way worse had he clung to me.

We went back around noon to see him get on the bus for Kindergarten. I was lucky he acknowledged my presence. I had to tap him on the shoulder to get him to say hi to me.

The bus came and he got right on waving out the window to me and Jim and the girls.

He had a wonderful day and I'm so proud of him.


Christy said...

It would have been worse, vomit-inducing worse, if he had been upset but it's still hard to let go and watch him walk away. I know because I did the same thing yesterday. As the bus pulled away, I could feel the tears overflow and I couldn't figure out whether I was happy or sad. It was both. Happy for him to get out and have a new adventure, sad for me that my baby is one step closer to growing up and away.

Christy said...

Oh and thanks for sticking the Alladin theme song in my head. DAMNIT!