Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Better safe than Sorry?

I'm not so sure after last night. I surely was sorry at a few different moments.

On Sunday, while I was cleaning and doing various chores to get ready for the week Jim was next door watching the football game with the neighbor. This was after his 5 hour golf game. I won't get started.. that's another post in and of itself. Aedan and he were outside tossing the football around during halftime. Aedan must have hurt his finger because he came in and asked for ice. I never even looked at it. He wasn't crying or anything. Gave him the ice and he went on his way. Later that night while brushing teeth he was complaining it was still hurting. I looked and it didn't look good. Swollen and purple from the knuckle to his hand. So yesterday I call the Dr. to get an appt. to have the Dr. take a look at it.

I leave work early and pick up the girls at Day Care and then head home to get Aedan. We get to the Dr. for a 4:30 appt. The Dr. is also concerned so she sends us upstairs for x rays. First I have to register him. SO I cart all 3 kids with me into that waiting room. They are JACKED up. After waiting there for 15 minutes they call us into an office to register. They are slightly better behaved in there. Oh wait.. I almost forgot.. I called Jim on his cell to see if he can drive around the corner and pick up the girls. He did not answer. Nice. Thanks so much. Headed back into the room where I threaten the two bigs with bodily harm if they don't knock it off.

Once we get registered we head up to radiology. There are like 4 people in front of us. Again.. had to threaten. The baby is getting pissed over EVERYTHING. She just screams and you don't know what she wants. Needless to say I was not prepared for an all nighter. otherwise I'd have candy, books and small toys with us. It was dinnertime and I had nothing to keep them busy. Ten minutes before they called us aback I found a lollipop in the bottom of my purse that I tossed in there for our last outing. I gave it to the baby and promised the other 2 their own gum/mentos if they sat still and behaved til we left. That seemed to help. We go in and get the x-rays done and head out. Apologizing to the other waiters on our way out. Chloe yells "see ya fools" and I was mortified and threatened to leave her in the elevator.

So now today we wait for the Dr. to call with the X-ray results. I hope it's broke simply to make last night's horror show worth the trip.

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Christy said...

"see ya fools" bwahahahaha!!! OMG, I am crying. I love that kid!