Thursday, September 17, 2009

Willy Loman he is not

I received the Fall Fundraiser Packet in Aedan's tote yesterday. The envelope has pictures of all the prizes you can earn by selling all over it. Aedan immediately decided he wanted to get the remote control race car. You have to sell 50 items to qualify for that particular prize. I don't see it happening but I don't want to dash his hopes.

Jim asks him if he wants to go next door to see if they want to buy anything before the other neighborhood kids hit them. He says YES! Then I turn around and he's standing there with his Hot Wheels case of 150 cars lugging it across the living room. I look at him and ask what he's doing. He says I have to sell 50 of these. I controlled my amusement and said calmly "honey no. You don't have to sell your cars" He looks seriously concerned on the verge of upset and says "YES I DO !" I help him put down the case and lead him to the paperwork and show him what needs to be done. He let out a huge sigh of relief, grabbed all the paperwork and ran out the door with Jim in tow to get selling.

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