Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Men can be super stupid if they want to. Although sometimes I truly think they just don't realize they are being idiots.

Man is in the doghouse currently.
Sunday he golfed from 7-12 came home and proceeded to head next door to watch the football game with the neighbor.
While he was gone (he took Aedan with him) I took the girls and we went coat rack hunting. I found a fancy one at the furniture store and bought it knowing I could return it. I lugged that sucker out and worked it into the van all by myself.

At halftime Jim is outside with the boys tossing the football. He agrees with me that this coat rack is not what we need. So I say I need to take it back today or tomorrow because it was on sale and I only have 24 hours. I say. "you watch the kids and I;ll run it back" He looks at me all serious and says. "I'm going to miss kick off for the 2nd half". I told him that sucks and loaded the rack back in the van and was gone approx. 15 minutes. He comes home from the game and proceeds to get angry at Chloe because she's wearing the neighbors shorts. Apparently she peed while she was over there and was given new pants to wear. Blah blah..

Then he sits on his butt and takes a nap in the recliner for 1.5 hours.

now... I have pretty much done nothing but chores and housework while home the whole weekend. And he spent 9 hours doing his own thing on Sunday. This is in addition to the 5 hours he works every Saturday morning.

If I wasn't pissed enough about all that.. while at the Dr. on Monday (see other entry) I called his phone to have him drive the 1 mile over and pick up the girls so I can deal with Aedan. He ignores the call. And I am stuck in radiology waiting room for over an hour with 3 hungry tired children.

Now. if his body was found in a ditch somewhere and the evidence was pointing to me.. would you convict?? I think not.

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Christy said...

A true jury of your peers -- married moms with several children -- would NEVER convict. They would name you their mascot!