Thursday, September 17, 2009

Books Glorious Books

My kids have always loved books. But over the summer we spend more time outside so once we come in for the night it's bath, snack and bed. Now that the weather is cooler and it gets dark a bit earlier we come in earlier. Aedan's teacher gave us a chart to keep track of the books he reads each day. So of course the competitor in him wants to read more each day than the day before. I can't keep up the pace he is setting. Seven or Eight books is too much most nights. I am so happy that they both enjoy it though I hope they continue to enjoy reading as much as I did in my younger days and even now when I can find time to enjoy a good book.

Aedan was ecstatic on Monday when he had library and was able to pick out a book and bring it home. I promised him I would find time to get us over to our public Library so he could do the same at home.

The baby won't sit still for a book but she's still young. There's hope for her yet.

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