Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

Despite the pouring rain today I stopped to think and thought.."We are in a pretty darn wonderful place right now."

Back to school is in full swing. All 3 kiddies have adjusted to their respective schedules along with their respective teachers.

Soccer season has started. And even though there is more running required it is fun running because the Boy loves soccer.

The hot summer temps are a thing of the past making way for the wonderful cool temps we are having now. Which means jeans and sweater weather, no A/C driving up my electric bill and playing outside without sweating our asses off. Gotta love it.

Day care costs are at an all time low. Which in and of itself is WONDERFUL.

We are reading books every night since it's getting dark earlier and Aedan needs to keep track of his lap reading for school. Chloe has a new interest in books again and is reading them to herself and anyone that will listen. I am amazed at how she can pretty much tell the story just by hearing it once or twice and then looking at the pictures.

Kids' birthdays and Christmas are coming. Not necessarily a wonderful thing but the fact that I have a list going already with ideas on it is wonderful. The clubhouse is booked for the party because I get it free due to my volunteering as a key person for the association. Otherwise I'd have everyone crammed into my house yet again.

Halloween is soon and I am covered for the girl's costumes and we have a few possibilities as far as Aedan goes. He's difficult and I refuse to spend $80 on a decent costume.

Today is Friday and that is wonderful. As is the fact that we have an ice cream social tonight at School and a friend's annual picnic to attend tomorrow.. Should be a good weekend.

What would make it even better is if I can get all the kid's new clothing washed and switched with the summer stuff. that would make my weekend.

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