Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I mean seriously. Can you be more of a 2 faced Bitch ?

*** Background - we have a to do box with everything that need sot be typed in a day and go out. It is in DATE order meaning.. the work that needs to be done 1st is on top. So The Bitch gets in earlier than anyone that types this work. She picks through the box and decides what she wants to do. takes it to her desk and stacks it under her telephone message book. As if no one can see her hoarding it there. She grabs thing off the fax and holds it if she wants to do that instead of other stuff and the same with the emailed requests. She will literally see what's in there and decide if she wants to do it.. if she doesn't she'll busy herself with other work till someone else does what she has skipped. I've grown accustomed to her little game and just blow it off most days. Today is an exception.

***Today - She had her pile going. I went to grab some more work. (one at a time mind you and from the top only) and there was a bond there with notes from her and some additional paperwork that needed to go with it (that was purposely pulled from a file). I looked at it and realized why she wasn't doing it.. Because it's a pain in the ass piece of work and just annoying. So She must have seen that and PUT IT BACK.

But now that I have it I have to do it. Fine. It's my job. But picking up after her and taking her sloppy seconds sure as F-ing Hell ain't my job. I hate her most days.


Christy said...

OMFG, I'm steaming just reading that! Can't imagine dealing with such a selfish (fill in the blank with your favorite nasty word) on a daily basis. Is there no way to shine a light on this problem so that the higher-ups see it without looking like a cry baby?

Good luck. Don't kill her. She is so not worth missing Christmas with your kids.

Bethann said...

Unfortunately it has been brought up and ignored.. it takes alot to train someone for this job.. newbies don't normally last long. believe me.. I trained the Bitch. She seems to make her own rules and they allow it but I will remind them of certain complaints.