Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Issued an Ultimatum

To the Boy. If you do not come home with 2 jackets tonite you will not go out to play.
He wore 1 jacket to school last Tuesday. Forgot it at morning day care. I sent him in on Wednesday wearing another jacket. Grabbed the one from Tuesday and took it with me. He came home Wednesday afternoon sans jacket #2. I drew instructions in picture form and put in his H&S folder so that he would remember to bring it home along with his water bottle. No dice. Thursday evening no jacket. Off from school on Friday. He only has so many jackets. And I can't get to his Kindergarten class to get it myself or I would. I feel like a Dumb-ass Mom emailing the teacher and asking her to remind him to put it in his tote bag. He is supposed to be learning responsibility. But while learning that lesson is he supposed to go without a jacket on the cool mornings and possibly get sick ? I think not.

So I can only hope the threat er .. I mean ultimatum does the trick. Otherwise he'll be quite cold tomorrow morning.

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