Monday, May 11, 2009

Best of the Best

I have to say Mother's Day 2009 was by far the best Mother's day I have had in my 5 years of being a Mom. :) The girls slept til a glorious 6:30 am and woke up happy and smiling. I got a cup of coffee in me before anyone started asking for anything. :) Aedan slept til 8. He is starting to learn that weekends are great and you don't have to get up at 6. I made breakfast and washed some dishes. Flung open the windows to let the glorious breeze blow through. Made all the beds and got the laundry running. Started getting things ready for the week and day care. Jim came home form golf around 9:45. They all went to get my presents. One VERY large gift bag.

I will preface this with this: I told Jim to let the kids each pick what they want to give me all by themselves. The only thing I said I would like is the new iPod shuffle so I'd have tunes for my walking and a gift card for iTunes. Well there was way more than that in the bag. First thing is first.. Chloe walks me through the card. "See Mom .. there are 3 bears, because you have 3 kids" yes honey you are right. To the bag. There is a new Welcome Mat. Not that we needed one but Jim thought I'd like it. Then A large Coffee mug. Then I get to open Chloe's.. A large purple water bottle. "So you don't get thirsty when you are walking Mom" Oh that's wonderful thank you so much Chloe. Now Aedan's. ... A set of 2 pound wrist weights. Wow Aedan .. Great Idea. I was just thinking I shold never have thrown away my old weights. Big grins ensue. "keep going Mom" Ok. Next is a box of Asher's milk chocolate non-pareils. My favorites. Yum. The kids like them too. And lastly the iPod, g.c. for iTunes and a gift card for Hallmark so I can get a new Vera Bradley bag.

I got dinner and ice cream out on Saturday and we ordered a new storm door. So I was very spoiled this weekend and felt very appreciated by the whole family. Especially when I didn't have to yell all day long.

It was a very good day. Thanks to my family for making it a Mother's day that I want to remember. :)

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