Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Middlest Princess

Chloe Margaret. She is a true princess when it comes to accessorizing. She has her jewelry box filled to the brim with baubles. Rings and necklaces and bracelets out the wazoo. She wears multiple necklaces at a time and has a ring on every finger for the better part of every day. The only time everything is removed is for bath and bed. And even for bed she keeps the rings on. She sleeps with the necklaces under her pillow and her pocket-purse hanging from her headboard. My favorite is the Jackie O beads that she always has on and then she throws on various other 2nd choices. She has had women stop her and comment on her lovely beads while we are out shopping etc. and that makes her light up and touch the beads as if they were worth millions and she has to check that they are in fact still around her neck.

My only issue with the jewelry lately is the metal rings. She wears them so often that her fingers are getting that green ring around them. So I pull the rings for a day or so til it goes away. Well today was the clincher and I had to remove the rings all together for a while. She can only have plastic rings because when she woke up this morning she has a RUST ring around her finger. She didn't remove her rings when she washed her hand before bed and the metal freaking rusted on her finger. So she shall be the princess with no rings for a while.. which means she'll double up on everything else I'm sure.

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