Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My own explorer

I somehow managed to forget how fun the babies are at this age. Alexa is discovering so many new things lately. She is the captain of her own ship, she marches to her own beat.. etc. etc.

She has discovered her tongue and she makes the funniest noises while babbling and talking. She has discovered the joy and yummy goodness of chocolate milk. She has discovered that if she screams loud and long enough she'll eventually get what she wants. And if that doesn't work she throws herself on the floor and slams her head into the floor. She must have learned that cute little move from her older sister. Chloe was famous for her tantrums. She can still flip out with the best of the psychotics. She has discovered that walking is a much faster mode of transportation with less injury to her little knees. She has also discovered the joy of sleep and how much happier Mommy is in the morning when she gets a good night's rest.

As much as I hate to see her grow up so quickly I am really enjoying all her new discoveries.

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jackie said...

they are greta at this age! amazing how much faster younger siblings learn stuff! Calvin LOVES to bang his head against the nearest hard object in protest! He may just end up with a concussion! Hope that miss alexa keeps on exploring!