Friday, May 1, 2009

The little things

OK.. I will preface this with the fact that I have been sick for weeks now.. bronchitis last week and then I didn't get all the meds I should have to feel better. So I call to let them know I am not better. I get the antibiotic I *should* have had.. makes me have NASTY side effects. Stop that and start the z-pac. Still not good. So off I go to the Dr. last night with all 3 children at 5:20 directly from daycare. Only because Jim is in Dallas. Otherwise I'd rather shoot myself in the foot before taking them with me. So they behave horridly. We get taken back 20 minutes AFTER my scheduled appt., they are jacked up on something and Alexa screams every time anyone comes near me. Dr. does her thing and I get new meds called in to the pharmacy. Shoot over to McD's for dinner because it is now 6:10. Swing by CVS to pick up said meds. Not ready. Alexa is now screaming because dinnertime was 15 minutes ago. I give her a fry and now they all want fries.. we finally get home at 7 pm. And while eating I'm just so drained and feeling crappy and the kids are giving me a hard time. So I start bawling. Chloe asks if I'm crying and why and I tell her. Aedan stares at me with these huge sad eyes. Then proceeds to come over and give me a hug and pat on the back. That was all I needed.. just a little sympathy from some little people and a pat on the back..

Later Aedan brought me a tissue .. I didn't ask for one and didn't know I needed it but it was "for me to blow my boogies"

:) I went to bed not feeling as overwhelmed as hours earlier.

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