Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soccer Mom Status

I have officially become a soccer Mom. It didn't happen when Aedan started soccer 2 years ago. It didn't happen when I got a minivan and toted him to soccer in it.

It happened last night when I uttered the word "Bullshit" during his game. Not loud enough for anyone to hear but even I was surprised to hear myself spewing profanities at a 5 years old's soccer game.

Aedan is always on the *aggressive* game field with a couple other kids from this team. So they were playing the aggressives from the other team. Right off the bat we could tell that this team might give us a run for our money. A far cry from the past 5 games where we went in and massacred the opposing team. Not sure why but the kids play well with each other and feed off each other's energy. So they have dominated every time out. So they start playing and about 5 minutes in I realize the other coach is pretty much letting the kids do what they want and have fun. Which is code for NOT PLAY BY THE RULES. OK.. I understand at this level it's for fun and that's why there is no ref or goalie. But they are supposed to be learning the basics and the rules. To me that means follow the rules because when you move up in the fall the rules are the same except there are goalies and refs and you get penalized for not following said rules.

We don't have goalies. Period. So don't let your kid stand in goal for 90% of the game. We missed out on a couple goals because of this kid literally standing IN the goal. And when we score you take the ball back to center you line up in your positions and start over from there.. you don't get on the ball and run it down field before anyone can catch up. And when the ball goes of of bounds you don't dribble down field while still out of bounds and try to score that way.

Allowing the kids to play how they want will only cause big disappointment in the future when they are penalized along with the rest of their team. If you are in charge of teaching the basics then you had better teach them the right way.

We ended up winning 12 -3 simply because they were only aggressive to a point. They couldn't follow through with the goal once they got down field. Maybe the coach should concentrate on the rules during their next practice and maybe they'll pull it together for their next game..

Next week is our last spring game and it will be sad because Aedan has made some good friends. I hope he has a couple on his fall team and possibly in his kindergarten class come September.

Soccer Mom out..

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