Friday, May 22, 2009

Operation Restoration

As was expected the damage from the fridge leak was worse than we first thought. Besides soaking the ceiling and carpeting in the basement rec room it also damaged the flooring in the hall closet in my dining room and in the powder room. So the kitchen floor, powder room floor and basement are definitely getting replaced. I'm not sure about the carpeting in the dining room which encompasses the whole 1st floor.

I called and scheduled the fridge repair service on Monday night. They were SUPPOSED to come out on Wednesday from 1-5. I arranged to have my father drive an hour and take off work to be there to meet the repair guy. He got there by 12:30 and I called home to check my messages to make sure Sears hadn't called... well they had.. even though I gave them my cell to cal with any changes etc. the message relayed that they would not be there on Wednesday. I WAS LIVID. I was so pissed I could feel my face go red and feel the steam coming out my ears. I called them to rant and truthfully I didn't even recognize myself. I have never been so angry and taken it out on a complete stranger as I did on Wednesday. I was so offensive the service rep asked me to control my language and calm down or else he'd have to end the call. I think my personality split that day due to stress and the evil twin called Sears. Anyway.. they refused to send anyone out so I canceled it and canceled the warranty I had set up. I have appliance Dr. coming tomorrow.

We still have the loud fans blowing in our basement drying things out. They came and got the one from the kitchen and bathroom yesterday. We had a quiet night which was nice not having to yell at each other over those things. So now they will come today to get the ones from downstairs. Then we wait. They took all the measurements and will submit everything to Nationwide. Then they tell us what they will cover as far as replacing stuff. I'm not sure they think we should live like this. My one year old is crawling and walking all over and the exposed sub-floor that is full of shredded wood. There are wood chips everywhere.. even after vacuuming they seem to reappear... ugh..

I just want a clean new floor.

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