Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Honesty of Children.

Walking into Daycare to pick up the kiddies on Friday afternoon I was happy to see Aedan's class outside playing Red Rover. His little buddy Ryan ran up to me and said, and I quote.. "Aedan's Mom.... You look good!" It caught me off guard. But then I smiled and thanked him. Kids are honest to a fault sometimes. Apparently Aedan's teacher has been asked why she's getting fat again. (She had gastric bypass 2 years ago). Kids don't know any better. We have a rule in my house that weight and size don't matter. It's rude to discuss someone's weight and to comment on it. While driving down I-76 towards the zoo yesterday Aedan was discussing the guy in front of us on a motor cycle. He thought the guy was a kid. I said "No Aedan.. he is just smaller and really skinny so he looks younger" I was quickly chastised .. "Mom! it's rude to talk about weight" Jim immediately started laughing and I apologized.

I know I need to lose a few.. OK.. a bunch rather then buying all new clothing.. but I will revel in my compliment for a little while longer..

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