Friday, May 8, 2009

Breakfast with Mom

Day Care hosts a Breakfast with Mom the Friday before every Mother's Day. It's nice. Not just donuts and muffins. A full cooked breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, french toast sticks, fruit salad, bagels, cereal, danish and cinnamon buns. It's nice to sit and hang with the kids instead of the normal drop and run. It also gives me a chance to chat with the other Moms. :)

Aedan wasn't too happy because I made him wear a shirt he hates. Not sure why. It's a cool shirt. Everyone thought so.

I got the mints his class made from scratch, and a large Award/Card telling me why I'm a great Mom and a hand colored pot holder.

I have yet to get Chloe's *gift* From the looks of the packages it's the same potholder just decorated by her own hand. :)

Alexa had a card for me with her handprint inside and a poem and a picture of her. Very sweet.

The teachers really try to do nice things for the Moms and we appreciate it. :)

The Delivery man just showed up here at the office. I got a pale pink etched vase filled with Star lilies and the palest pink roses. Gorgeous and not my standard favorites.. carnations. A nice change. and very much appreciated. Out of the 5 Mother's Days I've had so far 3 were absolutely horrid enough to make me never want to celebrate again. Complete with tears and locking myself in the master bath. So let's hope this Sunday is another good one. :) I plan on going to a nice quiet lunch with my own mother and then spending the rest of the day with my family. :) They are taking me to Taco Bell for dinner and then Nelson's Ice Cream shop after that on Saturday. They know I'm a cheap date and will love it. The fancy sit down dinner or brunch is for the birds .. or another Mom that doesn't break out in a sweat while dining out.

Now all these *things* are lovely and truly appreciated. But I am just as happy to have a bowl of cereal with my kids and not have to yell. A quiet day with no tears and not too much housework. :)

I hope all my *Mom* friends have a wonderful Mother's Day.

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