Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cutting the apron strings

Today was kindergarten orientation day. I was nervous. Not sure exactly why. It's not like I'm the one starting kindergarten at a new school with a bunch of people I didn't know. Although the thought is enough to give me hives. So I wondered how my 5 year old will do. If today is any indicator, he will be just fine. When called to line up for the bus ride he let go of me and got right in line. I didn't see him for about an hour after that. He went to the classroom and did some activities to test their skills. He came back with a big smile on his face. I'm still hoping for the afternoon placement since we only have 1/2 day kindergarten so we will see how that goes. We also got an idea about the Outdoor Classroom they are constructing in the courtyard. The school is built in a huge circle so the courtyard in the middle is currently green. It will have a pond with water fall with fish and turtles etc. and another section where each grade will plant things and watch it's progress throughout the year. There is so much being put in it's hard to get it all in here but when it's done it will be spectacular. Now I just hope I can make it through the 1st day of school, August 31, 2009 without falling apart because I know Aedan is ready and he will be the one I lean on. :)

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jackie said...

the school aounds great...thinking that maybe i would like to go there! LOL