Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Striker

That's what I'm calling him these days. He loves soccer. We are in our 2nd season of intramural soccer and he is really enjoying every second of it. He scores ALOT and needs to be up front and in the action. God forbid he be told to play defense. There are no goalies at this age level. So if you get the aggressive kids (Aedan and a couple others) really going they can demolish the opponent. They try to set it up equally. The coaches split the players between 2 fields. Aggressive on one side and non-aggressive on the other and they play against the aggressives and non-aggressives from the other team. Aedan is ALWAYS on the aggressive team as are 3 others. They feed off each other and just go to town. The last 2 weeks have been utter trouncings. We stop couting after they hit 12 -2. The coaches start to tell the kids to practice their passing etc to try and get them to lay up but they are out to score so you can't really hold them back. I personally want Aedan to try his best at all times. So I hate to say lay up.. Anyway. I'm hoping this week brings a bit of a challenge for team Dynamo just for humility's sake.

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